Outlook to Exchange

An easy way to import Microsoft Outlook data file into Exchange Server

  • Import pst to exchange mailbox by providing mailbox name.
  • Search pst files on local network by providing domain credentials.
  • Activation of active directory and exchange server is needed for migration process.
  • Permission of exchange administrative are necessary for migrating.
  • Transfer multiple pst files in a single exchange mailbox.
  • samaccountname should be known for moving pst to exchange server mailbox.
  • Windows 10 and Outlook 2016 & its previous versions are supported by software.

Download Ver 2.1
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Download here the trial version of software free of cost. Demo version imports only 50 items/folder from chosen PST file.

Attractive Features of Exchange import tool

This software provides users to transfer their Outlook mailbox into Exchange so that they can access their mailboxes in Exchange Server. Following are the quality features of this tool:

Complete transfer of Outlook PST file to live Exchange Mailbox

Export all mails, calendar, contacts, tasks, journals, to-do list with all attachments and migrate it into exchange mailbox without making any changes.

Move one or more PST file to single Exchange Mailbox or into multiple Mailboxes

While adding PST file it has add folder options which can contain more than one PST file which can migrated all at once.

Mapping of PST file with their respective mailbox

After adding PST file for migration provide exchange mailbox name to mail nick name field respectively to each PST file accordingly

Importing PST file from local network

If a PST file is need to export from local area network for that software has provided the search network option which needs server credentials i.e. username and password, it will show all the machines in that network, user can select more than one machine and the software will give the interface which shows PST file with machine name.

Migrate selective PST files to Exchange Server

After searching PST files on network machines all the pst files of that machine will be listed, user can select or deselect according to their needs and the software will migrate only that selected outlook pst files to exchange server.

Generates Migration status report

After successfully completion of migration into exchange server, this tool generates a report showing number of Mails, Contacts, Calendar, Journals etc gets imported.

Video Tutorial Explains that how to move PST to Exchange Server

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this tool in windows 10?
Yes, this software is supported on all versions of Windows and can perform its operation.
Can I use this software without having Outlook on my machine?
No, to perform migration Outlook installation is necessary and it should be properly configured and Outlook should be synchronized with Exchange server while migrating.
Can I import more than one PST files into a Exchange server?
Yes, multiple PST files can be selected to import into multiple Exchange Mailboxes.
Is it possible to add PST files from local network also?
Yes, this software provides the Search Network option in which you can search PST files in a specific network by providing Network Administrator username and password to access it and move PST into Exchange.
What is the maximum size of PST file which can be migrated?
The software doesn't specified any size limitation of PST file, so it can import PST file of any size.

Brief Technical overview of relationship of Outlook with Exchange Server

Whenever MS Outlook collaborates with POP or IMAP email account, it stores data inside a file created using .pst extension.

Also Whenever a MS Exchange Account is created, users need a platform to access their account i.e mailbox data. MS Outlook is a such mail client that easily collaborates with exchange server and provides a channel to access that Exchange Mailbox account.

An outside Outlook user wants to merge their POP email data with exchange account data, the need of migrating pst file data into exchange server is arise. This is where our Outlook to Exchange migration tool can help to consolidate users Outlook account with exchange server.


Why to migrate from MS Outlook to Exchange Server?

Migration of Outlook Data file into Exchange server is needed as it stores all of its data in mailbox on server so data are more secure. Users can save their local computer storage space by transferring Outlook data onto Exchange. And also pst file is more prone to get corrupted so it can be migrated to Exchange database to reduce the chance of data lost.

Also In case of any damage to Exchange server of an organisation, the organisation can continue by importing all users pst file of that network to a new installed Exchange.