Domino Server Mailbox into Exchange

A handy tool to migrate mailboxes of Domino Server to live Exchange Server

  • Transfer Domino Server mailboxes to live Exchange Server
  • Export Domino Server user mailboxes to MS Outlook
  • Move Lotus Notes NSF files data to MS Outlook
  • Move Lotus Notes NSF files to Live MS Exchange Server
  • Conversion of all the data items like emails, contacts, tasks, etc
  • Date filters provided for date wise migration
  • Machine must be having Domino Server Environ
  • To migrate in Exchange environ Live Exchange Server is required

Download Ver 3.2
100% Secure

Download the trial edition of product free of cost. Demo version transfers only 15 emails per mailbox.

Potent Software to Move Domino Server Mailbox into Exchange!

This software serves users to migrate Domino Server mailbox into Exchange Server to let them access their mailboxes in Exchange Server. Software is blended with many quality features to make the migration more convenient. Following are the features for this tool;

Complete User Data Export

You can select the username mailboxes as you log on to Domino Server by entering username and password credentials with this software from the listed usernames. "Select all" option can also be chosen if you want to migrate mailboxes of all the usernames to Exchange Server.

Select Required Data Items

You can also select specific data items from mails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and journals. This can be done by checking these options as per your requirement. Once you select the data items only these specific data type will be migrated by software. By default all of the items are selected.

Provision of Email Filters

For an effective domino server mailbox into Exchange migration software has feature to filter the emails date wise. You can feed the dates as From and To if you want to migrate emails of specific time period. This option saves your time and effort avoiding moving of unnecessary data.

Option to Exclude Folders

Tool has other filters if you want to exclude certain folders for migration. This can be done using various options like Exclude Folder(s), Exclude Deleted Items and Exclude Sent Items. First option lets you enter any folder name separated by comma and all the email folders except these will be migrated.

Other Filters Available

In case you want to move domino server mailbox into Exchange filtering data of "Calendars" and "To Do" lists as well then this can also be done with same filter feature. You just have to check these "Calendar Filters" and "To Do" filters by providing dates in "From" and "To" options.

Doc Links and Internet Heading

Software has an exceptional quality of migrating attachments or doc links and it also converts HTML formatting such as inline images, Hyperlinks, etc which are associated with emails. You can check these options in filter options.

Video Tutorial Explains the Steps to Migrate Domino to Exchange

Mostly Asked Questions

Will software work with Exchange 2010 and 2013 versions?
Yes, software flawlessly works with all 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 (32-bit) versions of Outlook.
Can calendars items also migrated from Domino to Exchange Server?
Yes mailbox, calendars, journals, tasks, to-do list having attachments is also migrated while you migrate from Domino to Exchange.
Which migration's supported by software?
Software supports 4 migration's, user can perform as per their requirement such as Domino to Exchange, Lotus Notes to Exchange, Domino to Outlook, Notes to Outlook.
Does software migrated password protected NSF data into Exchange?
Yes, password protected/encrypted data also migrated from Lotus Notes NSF data into Exchange.

Technical Overviews of both platforms and requisite of migration

IBM Lotus Notes email application client highly preferable for business usage due to its high security and enhanced Graphical User Interface. Intelligently manages the data in two types of files in Lotus Notes platform. .nsf (for entire database file) and names.nsf (only for contacts)


Why Lotus Notes to Exchange Migration Important?

Due to many upgrades into IBM Lotus Notes there are various amenities within this email client. Still, this email client may bother users to move on to Exchange and Lotus Notes to Exchange migration is the highly used conversion option that is grabbed by users.


How Sound Lotus Notes Exchange Migration Will Be Performed?

  • Migrating Lotus Notes to MS Outlook solely
  • Domino Server to Exchange Server data conversion
  • Permits doc links and headings for transfer
  • Shifting file internet header with same content